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Canada-India: Toxic Trade

Is India investing in a future health crisis by importing asbestos from Canada? More than 50 countries have banned asbestos products but India cannot get enough. It imports the mineral from Canada, risking a future health crisis. Inhaling asbestos fibres … Lire la suite

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Swine flu. What do you know about it?

Easy. You will look on the Internet and you will find everything, right away and know it all? Right? Wrong!   Really, tell me, with this almost panicky hysterical wave on the Internet, how will you know which info is reliable?   I wanted … Lire la suite

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TANGO! El tango como terapia contra el estrés

Siempre hay buenas razones para amar el TANGO!   Bailar tango permite disminuir los niveles de la hormona liberadora de corticotrofina (CRH, por sus siglas en inglés), un mediador muy importante del estrés, que cuando está aumentado puede generar reacciones en todo … Lire la suite

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Plastic in our body

We cannot breathe, we cannot eat, we cannot make love anymore without it being dangerous!!!   Limit Your Plastics Exposure Consumers anxious to reduce their exposure to suspect plastics components won’t find the going easy. Labeling of plastics ingredients is … Lire la suite

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