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Google is killing their RSS Reader!!! Leave a flower for the deceased

Google is killing their RSS Reader   and I am really pissed off about it… This is my working tool!!!. I have several thousands of newsfeeds in there, collected over the years.  More work to come to find a new one, … Lire la suite

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This and that about Chavez: a love/hate story or The end of an Icon Je ne pouvais laisser passer cet événement et ce personnage tant aimé-détesté-diabolisé-vénéré sans produire une compilation,  éventail d`information et de désinformation… Dibujo de Pablo Lobato Let`s … Lire la suite

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READ: The Impressionist

Conceived during a freak flash flood in the middle of the desert, privileged young Pran is seen growing up in a rich family in Agra. After being kicked out for being a total spoiled bad ass, he ends up in … Lire la suite

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Photo. Second anniversary of Mariano Ferreyra’s death

The Argentina Independent published an article illustrated with one of my photo taken during the protest coinciding with the second anniversary of Mariano Ferreyra’s death. Happy! See also my photo essay of the protest Summary from the article Cuerpo: Protesting Political … Lire la suite

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Gobama. US elections 2012: Round 2

In 2008, I posted a note full of good intentions. Four years later, my opinion is good but nuanced by a little `meh`. Have to admit that the guy had a lot on his hands, trying to undo the major … Lire la suite

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Suède, là où le ridicule ne tue pas et où le racisme a encore des beaux jours devant lui

SHAME ON YOU, Madame Minister of Culture. That woman cut a cake in the shape of a naked black african woman that was supposed to highlight the issue of female genital mutilation. To add to the indecency and racism, she … Lire la suite

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US Presidential Election 2012

Hey US friends!! Don`t know who to vote for in 2012? how about voting for Canada as President?

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