This and that about Chavez: a love/hate story or The end of an Icon

Je ne pouvais laisser passer cet événement et ce personnage tant aimé-détesté-diabolisé-vénéré sans produire une compilation,  éventail d`information et de désinformation…

Chavez lobato

Dibujo de Pablo Lobato

Let`s start with music…

Latinoamérica…Calle 13, Gustavo Dudamel y la Sinfónica Simón Bolívar

Recap, photos and videos …

La vida de Hugo Chávez (1954-2013)
Pics Adiós, Presidente and here and here  

Videos. Pittoresques et ubuesques
ONU el día después de intervención de George Bush. 
Aquí huele a azufre

Hahahahaha!!! Almost as good as the Gadafi one!!! even the translator giggles.

El Rey a Chávez: ¿Por qué no te callas? 

Les vérités, les mensonges et un peu de n’importe quoi !

 50 vérités sur Hugo Chávez et la Révolution bolivarienne

Chavez Wasn’t Just a Zany Buffoon, He Was an Oppressive Autocrat
« Instead of a police state, Chávez built a propaganda state, one that churned out slogan after slogan stressing the intense, personal, near-mystical bond between him and his followers. »

Maduro acusa a los enemigos de Venezuela de enfermar a Chávez
…en el futuro se confirmará que el proceso canceroso le fue inoculado…  

A Polarizing Figure Who Led a Movement
With a televangelist’s gift for oratory, Mr. Chávez led a nationalist movement that lashed out at the United States government, moneyed Venezuelans and his own disaffected followers, whom he often branded as traitors.
He was a dreamer with a common touch and enormous ambition. He maintained an almost visceral connection with the poor, tapping into their resentments, while strutting like the strongman in a caudillo novel. His followers called him Comandante.

Venezuela after Chávez. Now for the reckoning
Mr Chávez is mourned by millions of Venezuelans, for whom he was a kind of Robin Hood, shouting defiance at “the empire” (ie the United States) and the “oligarchy” (ie the rich) while handing out windfall oil revenues. His opponents, many of whom saw him as a corrupt dictator, will sense deliverance. That may be premature.

Décès d’Hugo Chavez: peut-on inoculer le cancer à quelqu’un?
Au pouvoir depuis 1999, Chavez avait su utiliser son cancer comme une arme politique au service de sa popularité en se demandant si des espiond américains n’auraient pas pu inoculer la maladie  ces dirigeants en leur injectant ou en leur faisant avaler une substance quelconque.

Postscript: Hugo Chávez, 1954-2013
Fuelled by billions of dollars from the spike in oil prices, Chávez had gained significant influence in recent years throughout the hemisphere, forming close relationships with a number of emergent leftist regimes, in Bolivia, Argentina, and Ecuador, and with Nicaragua.
What is left, instead, after Chávez? A gaping hole for the millions of Venezuelans and other Latin Americans, mostly poor, who viewed him as a hero and a patron, someone who “cared” for them in a way that no political leader in Latin America in recent memory ever had. Maduro, will undoubtedly try to carry on the revolution, but the country’s untended economic and social ills are mounting, and it seems likely that, in the not so distant future, any Venezuelan despair about their leader’s loss will extend to the unfinished revolution he left behind. 

The End of the Latin American Left
Will Hugo Chávez’s revolution die with him?
In explaining the rise of the political left in Latin America over the past decade, Chávez’s persona looms large. Politicians like Evo Morales, Rafael Correa, and Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner owe an enormous debt of gratitude to Chávez for laying the groundwork toward a renewed form of populism, Latin America’s version of socialism.

Occupy news says (FB page)
Chavez’ rise helped many other Latin American countries rise and take a stand against the US hegemony that left them poor. He was known for his sharp intellect, his dedication to the people, his humor, songs, his deep compassion and solidarity for the poor.
Don’t believe the 1% owned corporate media. Hugo Chavez is the threat of a good example. His story, rising from a dirt floor hut to lead his people and take back power from the 1% has been heard around the world.

Oil – Petróleo

Post-Chavez Outlook for Venezuelan Oil Production 

La autocracia del petrobolívar y del exprópiese

 And the closing argument comes from The Onion
Cancer Topples Chavez In Bloodless Coup

chavez pic

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