Rant of the day. Designer clothes

I usually make a point at being pissed off when I see beautiful outfits created for anorexic or stick women exclusively. OK, OK, not to excite any susceptibilities, I include genuinely very slim women too.  

Now, hear me out here.

I am not pissed off at anorexic women or at myself for not being one. Nononono… I feel for these women who fell in the trap of fashion and are suffering from it, and I love wayyyyyyyy too much food and booze to become one. And I think it is ugly to see a walking bag of bones.

Here I said it, now get it over with!

I know, I hear you thinking allllllll the way here… a bag of bones vs a bag of fat! Well, too much is like not enough, is it not? And frankly, I prefer too much, what can I say. And if you have mean, bad thoughts just about right now, well just fuck off, too bad. 

However, I  am  totally and legitimately pissed off at those asses designers out there who are too stupid and narrow minded to create beautiful clothes I can fit in.

Why is that? Why should I be boringly dressed because I am overweight? Don’t get it and never will! Do these assholes realize the market they are missing by designing for an extreme minority only…
And hey, you who had bad thoughts up there, how many size 2 or yukky size 0 do you really know?

The downside of this shitty trend is that women who are normal or overweight are doomed to wear clothes that are too tight or boring and yes, I do agree that it is totally unflattering. But what alternative do we have? 

Now I must admit that this dress, wow! this dress I totally love! (except for the bones sticking out. Come on!!)

And that design would also make a totally beautiful tattoo!!!


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