RANT for you who pissed me off in 2012

banskyA gift for you who pissed me off in 2012

To the ones with a twisted mind who interpret wrongly my words and actions – so much so that it is not even worth answering to,

the ones who think that giving and communicating is a one-way street,

the ones who cannot be honest enough to talk when hiccups occur, keep it to themselves, feed it carefully and systematically, and when it finally comes out, it is totally wrong and ugly, so much so that it does not make sense but to themselves only,

the ones who take control over my life by arriving late and make me wait like an idiot as if I do not have anything else better to do,

the ones who cannot leave me alone even when I express clearly that I am too exhausted/fed up to talk/go out,

the ones who ask to take pictures, lots of them, think it is sooo easy and keep insisting in having them the next day – all this for free or for so little that it not even worth mentioning it,

the people in the street who push, pull, toss their shit everywhere and who think they are alone in the world,

to the employer who hired me -twice- and let me down at the last minute with an empty fridge, a suitcase ready and many broken dreams,

and finally for ME who could not cope with so much shit and developed all kind of inflammations that make me suffer like hell and losing valuable time in physiotherapy and osteopathy, etc, etc…

This is a very light version of a much heavier rant that brewed inside me for weeks… but I will leave it at that. It would rapidely become very negative and heavy and I do not want to down this road – this year anyway.

And this is MY rant!!!

If you do not like it, I don`t care and just fuck off. Go rant about it on your own space!

I definitely have to review and rethink my values in friendship, the way I relate with my environment, find ways to see things differently so that it would not drag me to the ground, especially if I have to live in Buenos Aires longer than I expected.  

I am not willing to put up with that anymore, and good for me!!!

Thanks Bansky for this inspirational gift I can offer… if they could only imagine what is inside…


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