Photo. Second anniversary of Mariano Ferreyra’s death

The Argentina Independent published an article illustrated with one of my photo taken during the protest coinciding with the second anniversary of Mariano Ferreyra’s death.

See also my photo essay of the protest

Summary from the article Cuerpo: Protesting Political Violence and Repression with Music

Mariano Ferreyra, a young Argentine student, was tragically shot and killed on 20th October 2010 in a protest involving railway workers of the Railway Union (UF). His murder led to widespread protests throughout Argentina and his story has become a symbol of workers’ struggles and human rights abuses. The idea behind ‘Cuerpo’, a new album dedicated to Ferreyra, came from his cousin, Aitor Graña (on the photo with Alice Luna). The reason behind this? “We believe that [the state] holds some responsibility in the case and it would be hypocritical to accept financial support from them,” says the radio station. Each track is by a different artist or band, with names such as Manu Chao, Vicentico, Las Pastillas del Abuelo, and Gabo Ferro making an appearance.

More on the killing of Mariano
Masiva marcha de la izquierda a dos años del asesinato de Ferreyra
Articles in Partido Obrero


Aitor Graña and Alice Luna

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