Buenos Aires. Subway strike: day 10 with no end in sight

10 days that people are trying to make the best of an incredible situation.  10 days that one milion people have to find ways to get to work, home, school in overcrowded buses.

That is a lot, but with subway workers earning approx. 1000 dollars/month and coffee costing 4 dollars in a cafe (black market rate, mind you!) who can blame them.
Still, it is a huge piss off for everybody.

This is a political exercice of pure bad faith where neither – the national nor city government – is taking responsability as both say it is not their business. Know that since January, there is a grey zone between those two as who owns/maintains/cash-the-cash. It is a huge imbroglio where it seems that both are right AND wrong at the same time!

As childish behaviors don’t end that easily, both  – national and city governments – are airing  spots, treating each other of liars! Cute. So cute that a judge has ordered to suspend the airing of the national government spot for 72 hours, but somehow, it still hammers you when you have the bad idea to turn on your TV.

I went out to capture the mess and here are the pictures in Facebook and some also apprear in the Argentina Independant   🙂


From The New Yorker

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