Argentina. Things to know, things to remember! 23-29 July

FIACAAAAAAAA. So it will be short one this week. Not too much happened nor too many hysterical political decisions taken, just regular freaky shit events – the kidnapping of a father and son, both found dead and the 6 years-old kid with his head cut off; an accident on the highway involving 15 vehicles, including 2 buses, one death, all due to heavy fog and people driving like asses; a total cut off of a major highway during 11 hours between Buenos Aires and La Plata by protestors, and on and on. To be frank this is not to displease me, I did not feel like doing this too much this week, anyway.

So let’s go for light twilight stuff only…

 I really don’t care for the Olympics, but come on, did you see the outfit of the argentinian Olympic team during the opening ceremony??? No designer fluff and stuff here, just some fabric looking like it had been bought in Once, you know the kind of fabric wholesalers buy to make flags. Well done, Argentina!

Ok, I know, you think I am lacking patriotism team spiritshould have something better to doam a bad whateverassignorant add your insult here. Well, it looks like I am not the only one lacking the olympic spirit; even the Queen had an episode of boredom when Great Britain marched into the Olympic Stadium

And frankly, I don`t care what you think. So just go back at watching it, cheering for an event sponsored by companies employing slaves and leave me alone.

OK, OK, I am not totally honest with you, I do like some Olympics. Check this out

On a roll for more fashion `fails`, and yes, you are allowed to roll your eye so go ahead. As we ALL know (roll eyes here again), Argentina has the reputation of having well dressed and beautiful people. Yeah, right, just look at these divas and divos. I mean real famous people here, which is supposed to mean beautiful (?). Convince me now…. These people are plainly and simply scaring me!!! (laughs here, please)

Really scary people!!!!!! Sooo  natural, especially the second one who is something like 85 years old. No joke! You just cannot invent this!

Money, Money, Money Moooooooneyyyyyy

The city of Buenos Aires did not pay the 51 million pesos (in US: 4.50 legal market or 6.43 black market! = lots of money) it owes to the electricity providers Edesur and Edenor. No problem, the providers just turned off the switch in some parks and public places. Bizarre to see such en icon like the Obelisco in the dark.


 That they removed Roca from the 100 pesos bills, ok, good one. But why was it not replaced by a person from the first nations instead, the victims of that mass murderer? Not peronist enough? And thinking about it a little more, why they did not take the opportunity to launch the much needed 200 or 500 pesos bills? Naaaah! Why, since there is no inflation here, right? Right, ahem… Doing so would be admitting the unthinkable (wink-wink).

OK, so now let’s get over the philosophical and neurones masturbation, it is a done deal: the 100 pesos bills will have a portrait of Evita on them. Now I know that we all want one of those new crisp bills and that we will be running to the next ATM machine. But hey, wait!!!! This is Argentina after all and guess what! They manage to fuck that up too make the bills with a little hiccup = 20 million newly printed bills cannot be read by the ATMs. Still want one? Just stand in line in the bank and wait, hoping not to be served by a bitch-bad mood clerk.

Wanna see it?

no, not this one

no, but that woud be a good choice

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuh no

Nnnnnoooooooo, that is last week’s fuck up when they managed to smudge the new/old 100 pesos bills!

almost, but not quite yet…


One last little rant, in Castellano now

La presidenta recibió un dibujo, que esta robado! La obra original es de mi amigo Pablo Lobato. El no recibió ni reconocimiento, ni pago obviamente por la obra trucha. Una verguenza! Y no es la primera vez. Hay montón de sus dibujos robados en Mercadolibre. Aun puedes elegir los colores que queres!!! Lobato debería comunicarse con ella para dedicar la obra! Pfffffffffffffffffffffff!

And one last ‘I like’, in Castellano too

Unas ‘trabas’ que me gusta, Bolivia expulsa a Coca-cola el 21 de diciembre, porque considera que ese día será « el fin » del capitalismo. Mas, McDonald´s tambien se va!!!!! Wiiiiiiiiiii……….


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2 commentaires pour Argentina. Things to know, things to remember! 23-29 July

  1. a. wanderer dit :

    ¿Porqué tu amigo no registra las obras? Si cuesta — algo como AR30 cada una. También se puede mandar fotos de las obras por correo certificado a su domicila para probar que son de el. ¿no?

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