I think my left brain has disconected from the right one

I think that I may have overused my left brain…

I no longer live by all the hippy stuff the way I used to, you know, intuition, positive thinking, imagination, sense of humor, alternative medicine. etc… I even sometimes wonder if I still beleive in it.

Too much of news and TV watching, newspapers reading, online databases feeding, info research, etc. have eroded the contact between my two brains. I even forget to do daily routine stuff I was instinctly doing before like lit incence, use dimmed lights, lit candles, listen to music. I don`t even mention meditation that does not even cross my mind any longer.

My right brain must have entered in a dormant state I suppose, I hope.

Perhaps I should try to reconect with the myself, using the easiest tool: meditation. Check out this Ted video. The speaker is pretty bad but the subject perfect.

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