Swine flu. What do you know about it?

Easy. You will look on the Internet and you will find everything, right away and know it all? Right? Wrong!
Really, tell me, with this almost panicky hysterical wave on the Internet, how will you know which info is reliable?
I wanted to see for myself what was brewing in the virtual world regarding this issue and followed the exchanges in Twitter.
So I registered Friday afternoon, few hours after the media had been alerted about the epidemic. I reviewed it also a few hours Friday night, Saturday afternoon and a little bit Sunday.
Upla!!! What I have seen is not nice all and very unequal.
I foud that most of the postings prove to be everything but mostly anything (Friday & Saturday).

I read lots of scared misinformed people, trying to find out info (many people think they can catch it by eating pork).

And so far I`m really not convinced that they would find answers easily because the very few reliable info is diluted in hundreds of other ones. I must admit that some are pretty funny though, as some are taking it with a sense of humour. And there are lots and lots, endless redundancies.
On Sunday, a new trend started to show. More postings, but in the midst, some interesting one showed up. Opinions, search tips, official data, etc. And still as many redundancies.  

I found the article below, CDCs Alerts and a couple more worthwhile. However, I must add that I kinda know what I am looking for, but even so, it is a huge task to find something through all the postings.

I can easily imagine that people looking for reliable info may not catch on the relevant one.

One question I often saw and seems important to not overlook the seriousness of the situation is `yeah, they scared us with their bird flu epidemic before and now this one. Is it the same thing again?`
I`d say no. Bird flu is NOT transmissible human-to-human. Swine flu is.
To resume, I`ll say
Don`t panic, be informed
Wash your hands
Cough/sneeze in a tissue
Watch for flu-like symptoms
If you have the flu, stay home! and if it get worse, see a doctor
Some resources to kow, think and search
WHO information
TIP for search
How to track swine flu online



Swine flu: Twitter’s power to misinform


All that talk about pigs made me think of this, hehe!

Hey we still have to laugh, we`re not dead yet!

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Un commentaire pour Swine flu. What do you know about it?

  1. Sylvie dit :

    Et devine quoi ! Je reviens du Mexique le 25/04 . . . c\’est la panique autour de nous ! ! tout le monde nous appèle pour savoir comment on va ! ! et on va très bien . . . .


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