Lists… My own little neurosis

I love lists.
I always have several ones, from short-term ones with things to do during the day to longlong-term ones with things to do one day…
I love lists and everybody have commented on them one way or another. They think it is funny, stupid, useful… Or better, they just don’t get it. They may start doing it or ask god to never fall sooooo low.
The part I love most is to cross things off and when it starts looking like a mess worth trashing, to transfer them on a fresh new piece of paper. This exercice is usually done in a cafe somewhere in town, on carefully chosen flyers picked up in the street, using my violet ink pen. 
Here are some I got right here right now
My today list, on a little little piece of paper
Acheter cadeaux. Simon T-shirt, Sylvie boite, Joce boucles oreilles, Yvon aimant Boca, filles sep. livres
Imprimer papiers
Stuff sauce spagetti
Fromage & avocat (bouffe MEX)
My tomorrow list on a flyer of a resto-parilla in San Telmo
Call Transpak for moving Mtl-BsAs
Aller chercher passeport canadien
Homeopatie sobre Cabildo – Bryonia globulos 15, 2x/2h, 3 jours
15h Kine
Pads near Violetas
My this week list on Yahoo Agenda
26 – 15h Kine, homeopathie, pass cdn.
27 – La Plata? Boca?
28 – 15h Kine, 18h homeopata, soir Boca?
30 – 12h Kine, 21h fiesta con los sueltos
My ongoing list before going to Montreal, on a regular sheet
Comprar algo de Boca
$ ADM edificio
Dpto. llamar contactos para alquiler & doing the inventory
Medicus. Extension of the policy
Yvon – Adresses ramq & saaq et comment s’y rendre en autobus
Imprimer adresses pour mettre dans valises (Mtl & Bsas)
Teinture cheveux
My stuff for the house to buy list
Tablettes lavadero (4) 52 x17
Petite poele teflon
Pots pour riz t lentilles
Attaches plastique, moyen
Presse ail
Lavadora a linge max 59" de large
My to watch on tv list, which I never do anyway because they keep changing and they are just reruns, but just in case … on the back of April yahoo agenda
Lundi. 23h Grey’s 30, 21h Lost 33, 22h Cane 31, 1h Sex in the City 48, 20h Grey’s (old)
Mardi. 23h Weekly show 30, 1h Sex in the City 48, 00h00 Absolutly fabulous 56, 21h Damages 33, 22h Californica 31, 20h Dirty sexy $ 33
Mercredi. 23h Desp housewives 30
Jeudi.  21h Ugly Betty 30
My 30 mai & 6 juin parties list, in the computer
30 mai 22h

Leo Adry Mir Facu Celina Facundo Pablo Monica Lili Sylvia Fer Mora Hugodelaplata Gustavo Celina

6 juin 21h

Leo Judith Sergio Rocio & Damian Nancy Pablo (& Nelson) Gabi JJ & Paola Tere & Fern Moni Adry Costanzo

My to buy in Montreal list, in the computer. Result of notes taken over the last 11/2 year

Deodorants cristal & Lavilin

Charbon active


Crochets pour balais


Recharge stylo violet

CIBC. Paiement automatique

Caisse. Cheques

Comptable. Rapports impôt

Bottes pluies avec souliers


Collants hiver

Kit Canadien hockey pour Luciano

Draps contours

White noise machine

Arturo Perez. Le Capitaine Alatriste


Kit école Fabio

Sauce soya, cannelle, cari, piments forts


And I have much more lists for work. You should see my Bookmarks! Thousands of adresses each in its proper folder.


Do I keep them

 or should it all go in ==> 
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