A friend died yesterday

Graciela. We did not see each other for a while, for different life beat and choices in friends. We met in that weird and almost histerical virtual yahoo group in 2005 which we left rapidely. You were one of my first Argentine friend. We had so much fun going out and spending hours chatting online about men and life, remember? Mostly men to tell the truth.
You were a bubbly, funny, very fragile and petite woman, always dressed to perfection and with great manners. Not even 50 yet.
And a chain smoker. Gra was diagnosed a few months ago with lung cancer which spread to the brain. She left yesteday after suffering a brain hemorrhage.
Algo colorido y alegre para acompanarte, amiga!         
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Un commentaire pour A friend died yesterday

  1. Leonardo dit :

    Lo siento mucho…Lamento no haber estado ahí para acompañarte…


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